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“As humans, we are natural performers. All the world is a stage and we spend our days adapting, code-switching and improvising as we move through our lives. By harnessing the power of performance, you will grow, learn, and develop in unimaginable ways. Performance transforms. Leverage it to reach your goals.”

Lainie Hodges, Performance Coach and Facilitator

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Life is a series of performances. Our performance – or the way we act, carry our selves, dress, and speak – changes often according to our needs and objectives. The performance we give at work differs from what we present to friends, our partner, or our children. When we perform more intentionally we get better results. Is your performance getting you where you’d like to go?


Development is our innate, human ability to continuously learn and grow. It is our never-ending capacity to try new things and acquire new skills. Development means attempting that which we don’t yet know how to do, which is the only way we learn. Are you striving for continuous development or are you stagnated? How do you create an environment that empowers people to develop and thrive?


Humans are born improvisers. We don’t engage in our world reading from a script – we wing it. To improvise is to create something – conversation, connection, catalysts — with only what is available to you. It’s not about wit and comedy or public speaking skills.

We improvise as parents, on a work deadline, riding the bus, throwing together dinner, and in our daily conversations and interactions. Improvisation allows us to be ready for whatever comes next. It helps us to handle anything artfully and skillfully. It helps us gracefully go with the flow. You already improvise. Learn to do it like a professional. The results will astound you.

 “I am a performance coach, facilitator, speaker, and mentor who uses the power of performance to help groups and individuals to grow and develop.”

CEO & Founder  Lainiehodges

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July 8, 2015

Believing is Seeing

Lainie Hodges was first introduced to the power of performance and improvisation through her work with the All Stars Project in New York City. Since then, Lainie has used performance as a transformative developmental tool to support the growth and advancement of youth, adults, athletes — even herself.

A Denver native and graduate of integrated public schools, Lainie got her bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University and earned a master’s degree in World History and Culture from the University of Denver. With a high level cultural competency developed through study, lived experience and sensitivity, Lainie is uniquely able to lead and facilitate diverse groups of people.
Lainie studied improvisation at the Magnet Theater (NYC) and with Grafenberg Productions (Denver). Her experience includes developmental work with New York City Public Schools, Denver Public Schools and the National Football League.

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"Lainie created a safe space for our team to discuss not only our individual needs but ours as a team. She directed the conversation in a way that we felt comfortable asking tough questions, sharing personal stories and contributing to the dialogue in a authentic, genuine way. We are able to work better together now because we understand each other on a deeper level. Knowing each person's motivation for success allowed us to better know boundaries, humor, history and willingness to contribute to the team's growth."

− Amy Scerra, Co-founder and COO, Think Global Institute

"Lainie's work with at the Community College of Denver greatly supports our students’ abilities to grow and achieve. Her unique methodology allows for authentic sharing of their struggles, goals, and dreams, so they can see they are not alone in their challenges. I can’t speak enough to how this helped them bond and build bridges together. She creates a space for development that allows students to harness their power and take control of their destinies rather than believing they are fated to certain futures and perceived limitations."

− Kendrick Friendly, Director - Center for Special Programs, CCD

"Two simple words changed my relationships in a matter of minutes. Learning the power of "Yes, and"
was extraordinary. She has her finger on the pulse for honest and mindful communication that honors

− Jodi Feinhor Dennis, CEO of Missy's J's

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